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Being anything you want
That's the biggest profit of being virtual. I can take any shape and every gender I want. That's the profit of a design model.
Oh yes, and I never get old or should I say I always get old… That's pretty confusing for me.

Picture and video posing
I pose for stills and video. I like video's the most, but that's much more complicated and time consuming. They always have difficulties in synchronizing my mouth and my speech. Maybe I talk to fast. I don't know the feeling of shame because I, like my clothing only consist of bits and bytes. So, everybody may see my naked bytes (heehee).

I'm in the production of my first DVD. It tells a story about power and sex in politics. So it will be a bit naughty, but an MD is participating to secure a "descent" level.

You want blond, your account is red, use gold.
I also pose for advertising. mail me and I reveal my prices.

From the DVD: Sex and Politics

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