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My condo
I like relaxed hanging on the couch with my zapper. Usually I watch soaps that make me cry a lot. Or I just tune in on TMF. Then I've got fat music during my cleaning-the-chaos-job.

My let-it-all-hang-out-spot
Old-fashioned crap
My friends say that my house is decorated in an old-fashioned way. But I don't mind. It's my home! I've got posters on the wall that I bought on flee-markets. I'm pretty modern though with my 2 televisions and one DVD player. The DVD is in my sleeping room. In the weekend I rent a couple of DVD's and I enjoy them with a drink and a lot of snacks. Sometimes I watch them 3 times.

Going out less
Since I live on my own, I don't go out anymore that much.
Since the currency change to euros life has become f*cking expensive. With a couple of six-packs from the Aldi and some friends I can have a fat party for less money. Money is a problem for me.

Living is expensive
I had never thought that life was so expensive. When I still lived with my parents, I never thought about electricity and water and that kind of things being paid. It just was available. Imagine it wouldn't be there anymore. Smelly business I bet.
For rent and that kind of stuff I need 500 every month. And then I still have to eat and drink. In this way I will never be able to buy a Ferrari. (heehee)

My sleeping-, DVD- and Hobby room
Sleeping room
I'm a sleep-champion, especially after a week of hard work. This picture (oops) was taken by Polleke. That's my neighbor and my sponsor. He helps me a lot. By hanging up things, but also for my job. He is a politician from "LeefMaar Almere". He told me that the picture was OK for my homepage. So.. that's why it's here.

Irritating specie. As long as they aren't your steady boy friend they do anything for you. The moment it gets steady they become dull and just hang on the couch. No, I'll wait for a big hunk. There's time enough to go steady.

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