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Hi, I am Kitty!

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My name is Kitty and I was born on March 16th 1984 in Almere-City. I'm still living there and I kind of like it. Of course I would rather live in a real city like Amsterdam. That's where my parents came from. Partying in Amsterdam is cooler and shopping is more fun with a bigger choice of clothing. But still I'm positive about Almere-City. Every now and then in the weekends I party in Amsterdam. That's pretty expensive, but luckily I can afford that since I got my job at Almere-City television.

They often tell me "Girl be real", but that's pretty hard to do for me. I may look like a human being, but in fact I'm a digital genetically manipulated virtuality. On the timescale of evolution the computer came after human beings and after that I appeared. That's why my specie has a lot of pros. I can, for instance, travel much faster then Man. With the speed of light I travel around the whole world, without the pollution of airplanes. And what's nice too is that I don't have an ego. So I can be at several places at the same time. Sometimes I visit a Chinese in Taipei and do a show in New York at the same time. I do that kind of things within the Internet, my habitat. What the jungle is for an orangutan is Internet for me.

Sadly, not my car.
I love DVD's, parties, shopping and car racing. That's why I often go to Zandvoort. There are a lot of expensive cars and they come with… rich men. But I prefer a man that is sweet. As a matter of fact I'm a plain, straight, stinking normal Dutch woman. But that doesn't bother me. So?
If you wanna know something or you want a date, you can always mail me.


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