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The best time every year. Two weeks Lloret de Mar. Supercool!!

Holydays 2003
I went on holydays alone since 2001. My parents we're only nagging that I came back too late, that I spended too much money and bought the wrong things. Then I became a holyday budget. Choose your own destination. Last year I went to Lloret de Mar. I mainly lived there at night. Young cute guys from discotheques try to get you to there clubs with coupons for free drinks. That worked with me. But I don't always visit the same club. In 2003 I went to Mobys, Tropics, St. Trop, Muf Ga-Ga, Colossos und Hollywood. Super-mega-turbo-cool!!!

The first day
The first days you're feeling ridiculous with your milky white skin. This year I first go to a sun-studio.

Nice sunset
I shared a room with Barbara. That was a
20 year old Swedish girl. She already had 2 plastic operations done. A nose job and a breast enlargement. She looked like Barbie. I've partied a lot with her. She had a completely different taste about boys. She met Lothar, a German who constantly looked at her operations.

I met a nice American guy. Nickolas from New York. Nicky and I were almost the whole day together. And the last night (see picture) we went on till the end. In the morning we found an old Polaroid Picture machine and there we have made our pictures.

Nick, me, Lothar and Barbara
Back in Holland I discovered that he in fact appeared to be a bastard. Behind my back, he took pictures of me when I was naked. With my own camera!! The man in the photo shop looked very weird when I came to get my prints. Nicky's email address was false too. I didn't get a response at all.
For me, men are air. It's a shame that you can't live without air. (heehee)

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