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Friends & Sponsors
The most important in my life are friends. They are friendly.

Great variety
I've got a lot, but most of all strange friends. Moi is a good friend, but it seems that he is just an alter ego of Robbo, who's got something to do with my "birth". Confused? Steffi Breimann made the drawing of Moi from Germany. An excellent artist. Meike is also a very dear friend. She is studying at the van Hall Institute in Leeuwarden. She wants to save orangutans. That's why she made a site about it.
 Heinzelmännchen in Dronten In the archives from AC-TV I found a documentary that was only showed in Germany. Meike and the Gnomes.
Click to view the movie. (Dutch spoken, German subtitles).
Rogier und Sytske are very good friends to. I don't have a picture of them.

Not from school of course, because they suck. They just help you to get a piece of paper and then you are on your own. No I mean courses for life. Like the ones I got from Birgit. Thanks to her I learned to cook and how to pay less and get more with your money. For my job I got a lot of help from Ruud. He gave me a lot of books to read, to understand politics. Well, it really helped me. I don't know if it helped me a lot. But I understand it a bit more. I get my potatoes from my friend Henk. That's a real Dutch farmer from Flevoland.

Polleke sponsors my site. He's got a friend who owns a broadband Internet firm. Nice for the future. Pollekes party "Leefmaar Almere" wants, just like Berlusconi, that Italian, to own

Polleke, my sponsor and neighbor

all the media in Almere. Smart eh? He already offered me a job. In 2006 Pollekes party wants to win the council elections and then he can give jobs to his friends and the friends of his friends.

A kind of mafia, but completely legitimate. It has something to do with subventions. That's something like social security but then for companies. We're living in a wonderful country. They always take care of you. Do you want to sponsor me to? Mail me.

 Wähle Polleke
Click for the video of Polleke.
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