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Almere-City TV reporter
I'm a kind of journalist for AC-TV. It's kind of weird though that I don't have to speak that much. Until now I only made one video about a council meeting in the town hall. There were more then 100 people who talked constantly and listened seldom. I had to make a report later and tell what happened. Well, I couldn't do it. It was all about politics and that's unknown territory for me. I know that the queen is in charge of our country and that there are a lot of people who would rather see her as a president. I think a queen is more romantic. Something from the past that is still here. A lot of species die. The queen should do that too? Not in my movie.

 Almere-Kitty Intro My video trailer
If you want to see my trailer, click on the button at the right. You should have a real-player to watch it. You can get your free player at Real.com.

I need to know politics for my job and interview politicians. That's ok, but I don't know much about politics, so I asked for assistance on Arena-forum from Almere-City, but they didn't respond.

Me with politicians Maarten and Bob
Politics is a tough job
You'll have to like fighting if you choose to get a political career. They're fighting all the time with each other. My chief-editor always calls them "The Almerian Mob". I haven't noticed that yet. To me they are always nice and say that I am a sweet girl with a cute figure. Whatever..

Bob and Polleke
I like Bob from the Almere partij the most. He is completely natural. During a council meeting he was pulling out nose hair. That's what I like. No showing off. I think he likes me to, cause he is always looking at me.
Polleke is a totally different story. He is a real politician. He is kicking and fighting like an old mule. He starts a quarrel with everyone who thinks different as he does. And that is not so hard to do, because he thinks different as every other politician.

Fixed positions
Polleke is very fixed in his images of the world around him and puts them in very short sentences. I think that's very smart. "I get a lot of attention from homosexuals on parking lots", "One of the reasons I went in politics, was to stop the borderless chitchat and useless verbal diarrhea". What I think is suspicious though is that he doesn't likes meetings. That's what a politician supposes to do or doesn't he? Well I hope I'll become a star in my job. If somebody wants to leak information (my chief-editor says that you need that for a scoop), mail me.
Don't forget!!!!

I play a main part in a soap
AC-TV and Polleke Production are going to make an Internet soap "Streetfighting men".

F.l.t.r. Sander, Maarten, Hanz, Kitty, Polleke, Frits and Bob.
And I'll get the main role. (Yippee) I don't have to do much, because I play myself. The producer told me not to talk too much about the series. He is afraid that I reveal too much. More information about the soap on the homepage of Polleke. There you can watch a trailer to.


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